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BoardSync Product Support

General 6
  • BoardSync Interface
  • How do I use the home page?
  • Using the Filters
  • Using the History Button
  • Using the Quick Create Button
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Agendas 30
  • How do I create an agenda?
  • I can't find the agenda I created
  • Agenda Details Page
  • How do I associate an agenda with an event?
  • Tracking Changes/Versions
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Events 7
  • What are events?
  • Event Filters
  • How do I create a one-time event?
  • How do I create a recurring event?
  • How do I publish an event to the public portal?
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Searching 2
  • Finding content in the system
  • Using the filter builder
Meeting Minutes 10
  • Minutes Module
  • Minutes Summary Page
  • How do I take a roll call?
  • How do I enter comments and discussion?
  • How do I use minutes snippets?
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Analytics and Reporting 4
  • Analytics Overview
  • Using the Agenda Timeline
  • Agenda and Portal Dashboards
  • Generating Reports
User Preferences 3
  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I change my email notifications?
  • How do I manage my back-up approvers?
Downloadable User Guides 3
  • BoardSync Cheat Sheet - Approving Items
  • BoardSync Cheat Sheet - Creating and Finalizing an Agenda
  • BoardSync Cheat Sheet - Creating and Modifying Agenda Items
SuiteView 0