The Fastest Minutes Builder. Period.

Create your meeting minutes in, well, minutes.

Now it’s easy to create, manage and finalize your minutes before, during, and after the meeting. BoardSync automatically generates PDF and Word documents so you can deliver them electronically, by board and public portal, and hard copy.

Live Meeting Manager

Run the entire meeting from one spot and simplify votes, manage speakers, and streamline transparency.

Live Meeting Manager lets your board members access meetings online and vote electronically from any device. The vote results are then displayed to the attending public.

Easily Record Roll Calls, Motions and Votes

Capture all meeting actions in just one step.

Stop retyping repeated entries. Record meeting actions on your desktop, laptop or tablet, and easily copy similar motions and votes to other items. Publish to public portal for easy access and transparency.

Electronic Voting

Build public trust by letting meeting attendees see your finalized vote results in real time.

Conduct clerk-initiated electronic votes any time and tally board member votes from any device. Once voting is closed, results are displayed online and automatically entered into the minutes module for utmost accuracy and transparency.

Customize It. Then Forget It.

No more typing and copying the same info over and over.

Set wording, formatting and text snippets the way you want them - they’ll prefill automatically, ending repeated entries. Motions, votes and speaker info are all customizable, with full editing function for comments and discussion notes.

Flexible Speaker Management

Organize speaker info for ongoing and individual items.

BoardSync supports board member, staff and other public speakers, and integrates speaker and countdown timers. Last-minute speaker? No problem. BoardSync lets you add new speakers before, during and after the meeting.